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  • "I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon."
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  • breathe if im your favorite blog

    thank you

    do a triple backflip if I’m not

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    fuck her right in the pursey 

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  • mindswondering:

    some drag queens are a much better influence in young girls than some teen queen pop stars out there.

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    i never thought i’d write the words “deeply evil carpet” but. seriously. what a deeply evil carpet that is.

    And what you should do is to put this over an actual trap, like a hole in the floor so people will be like “Oh ha ha ha that’s soooo funny, it’s a rug!” And then fall through it. 

    are you satan

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  • inzayned:

    when you can’t hear what someone says and they repeat it 98 times and you’re still like


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  • rapunzelie:

    21+ full-figured actresses playing 14/15/16 yr old characters rly fucked up my self-esteem and self-image when i was young and made me v insecure

    quit casting adults as young characters esp in shows w/ young target audiences?? man it makes undeveloped lil girls feel inadequate that they don’t look like grown women when they’re baby teens

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    The diglett one gets me everytime

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  • Anonymous asked : If Native Americans made a football team called 'Palefaces' with a picture of a cartoon white person, I wouldn't be offended. I would find it pretty awesome.


    You’re not a member of an oppressed group who has dealt with intergenerational trauma and the deluge of centuries of genocide that natives have either. Fine, you’re not offended- but you don’t get to tell Natives what they can be offended about either. Take your white privilege elsewhere.

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